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  • annyjay: Hello fellow Applefans. I've been using Apple products for about 10 years now, and have never looked back. I have a MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone.<3
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  • William 10/12 17:50 pm
    i have a macbook pro ipad [no smart phone] but, i do like apple products. i have to use windows as the platforms for work are not iOS friendly but, i prefer macs :-) Reply
  • iOS 10/02 22:37 pm
    Reply to @annyjay: it's just a little bigger, faster and lighter. Reply
  • annyjay 09/30 18:14 pm
    My question is - what does the iP5 do that the IPad3 can't (don't say make phone calls)? Reply
  • annyjay 09/30 18:14 pm
    Reply to @iPadCool: Nope, have an old iPhone - don't know about getting the 5. The device I use the most is the iPad. Reply
  • iPadCool 09/29 20:33 pm
    Did you get the iPhone 5? Reply